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Equipment for examining traffic psychology

The VTS TRAFFIC psychological battery is used to assess mental fitness to drive motor vehicles. The reliability of the psychodiagnostic methods is crucial to both decisions on mental fitness/non-fitness, and, more importantly, to road safety itself.

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Guarantor, team, contact

Doc. PhDr. Matúš Šucha, PhD.,, +420 777 597 665;

Where it is (room, address)

Traffic Psychology Lab, Vodarni 6, Olomouc

How it is financed

OP RDE, Development of research and educational infrastructure for industrial and organizational psychology. Reg. No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_017/0002425

Research, grants

  • Project of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (Security research): Social-psychology analysis of drivers with 12 demerit points, and the development of fitness to drive assessment methodology.
  • Project of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic: The updating of the transport psychological examination methodology.

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